About us

MAC paragliding school was founded in 1993 by Zdenek Trčka. Accordingly to this fact MAC school is the longest existing paragliding school in the Czech Republic. In those twenty-two years, MAC school has trained hundreds of pilots, many instructors tandem pilots and competitors who like to come back to the Beskydy Mountains, not only because of the beautiful scenery and excellent flight conditions, but also for relaxing bunch of people. Currently, the school offers through a total of 8 types of courses. Training is organised by experienced instructors with the necessary qualifications and years of experience.

Other school activities are tandem flights for the general public, group flying trips across Europe (Slovenia, Italy, France and Austria), consultancy, service and selling of equipment.

Equipement we use

Our paragliding school is closely associated with the company MAC PARA Technology, which ranks among the world's leading manufacturer of paragliding equipment. Paragliders are certified to the strictest standards in the German testing service and their quality best reflects a number of achievements of competition team at the highest international competitions.

We use gliders from MAC PARA Technology and also gliders from SKY Paragliders. Participants have also the opportunity to try other types of gliders (Eden).

During the course each participant has its own paragliding set (glider, harness with back protector, reserve parachute, helmet and radio).

In our base we have a fully equipped classroom, including video and Wi-Fi. We use textbooks, movies, magazines, and various visual aids.

Transportation during the courses is provided by our nine-seat Fiat Ducato and the Octavia Combi. We go on trips with our third horse, new comfortable Fiat Ducato.



Accommodation is provided in a beautiful pension in the village Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem. There are 2 - 4 bedded rooms, bathrooms and shared kitchen. The kitchen is well equipped. There is also a washing machine and Wi-Fi. There is a grocery near the house that we visit every morning - we buy food and drink for whole day. For dinner we are usually going to one of our favorite restaurants.

Address of pension Kunčice



Terrains are chosen according to the wind direction, weather conditions and phases of training. In the first part we use the training fields with low elevation (20-70 meters) in the surrounding area - one of which is located close to the hotel. Bigger flights we do from the hills Ondřejník, Javorový u Třince or Straník near Žilina, which have elevation about 400-500 m, which allows us to meet all the necessary and required training syllabus.
The big advantage of this area is that the students have the opportunity to learn on more flight terrains with different issues, and thus gain more practical experience. Beskydy are ideal for paragliding courses. Every year pilots come from all over the country to fly here.



Our instructors

Zdenek is our boss, father and guru and such a man never write anything about himself, others always wrote about them, so we write something about him for you...

Jó Kája, to já náš Ferda marvenec, práce všeho druhu. Tandemový pilot, se kterým se ve vzduchu nudit nebudete!

My first time "in the air" was when I was 3 years old - I flew with my dad in his backpack. At the age of 10 I already had my own glider...